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Summary of the school

Kuopion klassillinen lukio (secondary school), later referred to as Klassikka) is the successor of Viipurin klassillinen lyseo. The school was founded shortly after the Winter War in 1940, with the same regulation as Viipurin klassillinen lyseo was suppressed. After numerous phases the school building, designed by architect Toivo Korhonen, was completed in 1965. The science labs were renovated during summer 1997 and as a result we now have modern laboratories with high technology. Also, the computer hardware and the equipment for languages have been modernized.

There are about 590 students in the school. As the first school in eastern Finland, Klassikka has been a non-graded secondary high school since 1990. Since autumn 1996 the school has been in the national KIMMOKE-project, which, for instance, aims at a wider selection of languages. Because of the project, there are numerous languages to choose from, classes of oral language proficiency and the teaching methods are versatile.

The Sports secondary high school

In 1990, Klassikka was given the task of being a Sports secondary high school. The first four years were a trial period but in 1994 it became regular. A student in the Sports high school can balance his studies, practicing his own sport and also competing. The actual sports with their own trainers are ski jumping, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming and track&field. There are also many talented athletes in so called individual sports groups who mostly practice under the guidance of their own trainers. A student of the Sports high school will complete the same curriculum as everyone else with the exception that a sports student must choose 12 to 18 courses (one course is 38 hours long) of sports training which will be counted in the 75 courses everyone has to complete.

The goals of the school

  • The school offers instructive and firm all around education. It also gives its support to a growing young person, helping him to take control of his own life and being a functioning part of society.
  • Good qualifications for postgraduate studies is also one of the many goals, as well as the values, knowledge and skills that are needed in life so that lifelong learning is possible.
  • Learning how to take responsibility for oneself, other people and the environment world-wide is also one the tasks.


In Klassikka one can concentrate on humanistic, social or scientific subjects. A student who has chosen the normal high school can also take the special sports courses that the school offers.A wide selection of languages gives the students excellent possibilities to study foreign languages. This school year English, Swedish, Russian and German are taught as A-languages (Advanced level); as B-languages there are English, Latin, French and German. Students can also choose other languages that might be taught in cooperation with other secondary high schools in Kuopio. Besides the compulsory and optional courses, students can choose from the following applied courses:

  • Finnish, 7 courses
  • foreign languages, total of 10 courses
  • mathematics, (advanced) 5 courses, (general) 2 courses
  • biology, 5
  • geography, 2
  • physics, 2
  • chemistry, 2
  • religion, 3
  • philosophy, 1
  • psychology, 1
  • history, 3
  • music, 1
  • art, 5
  • sports, 10
  • computer studies, 5
  • the methods of researching and writing an essay
  • a special course in psychology and biology: an adventure into the brain
  • the beginnings of western culture
  • environmental science: series of lectures
  • research practise course of environmental science
  • student tutor course
  • students’ union course
  • find your mental resources
  • experimental science, parts I and II
  • survival course


All students are chosen by the national applying system. The ones applying for the Sports secondary high school are also chosen this way. The only difference is that they have to fill in a special application where they mention their sports achievements. All applications must be sent to the school by a certain date.

Contact information:

Opistotie 1
70200 Kuopio

phone +358 17 1845 42
fax +358 17 1845 52

School Principal:  Mr. Jukka Sormunen

email: jukka.sormunen@kuopio.fi
mobile: +358 44 7184542