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Yrittäjä ja lakimies Jari Vepsäläinen

JARI VEPSÄLÄINENFintrade-Mercer Corporate Services has been operating in China and Hong Kong since 1985. We are specialized in investment management, corporate formation and various technology based market entry operations offering a wide range of corporate market entry legal, professional and advisory services.

Mr. Jari Vepsäläinen is the CEO of the Fintrade-Mercer Group. He is a China trained attorney who has worked with Western companies located in China since mid 1980’s. Mr. Vepsäläinen is specialized in Merger and Acquisition / Joint Venture Companies contracts / Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises, technology capitalization and forms of direct investment and restructuring operation and has many Board of Directors assignments in China and Hong Kong.

Mr. Vepsäläinen was among the first Western lawyers given access to Chinese Universities where he completed 1985-1988, Government funded research program on Chinese commercial legislation and investment in the People’s University of China in Beijing and Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou.

In addition to business organizations, Mr. Vepsäläinen serves various governmental organizations and international federations in the Asia Pacific and he is frequently invited speaker at professional China investment and technology conferences and seminars.

The most current assignment of Mr. Vepsäläinen is the Chairman of China Foreign Energy Investment Committee by IPPF, Independent Power Producers Forum to manage China out-borne energy investment   project on global scale.

Fintrade Academy

Fintrade Academy is a comprehensive online learning platform, which covers key areas of legal and business management in China. The online tool is suitable for organisations already operating in China or considering doing business in the region. It is designed to benefit large, medium and smaller companies and to suit individuals with varying levels of existing China knowledge.

Yhteistyössä Fintrade Academyn kanssa Kuopion klassillinen lukio on saanut mahdollisuuden tarjota Silkkitie Kiinaan kurssia opiskelijoille lukuvuodesta 2016-2017 alkaen.

Lue lisää: https://fintradeacademy.com/lms/

Jari Vepsäläinen, puoliksi kiinalainen

* 1960 Syntyy Kuopiossa

* 1979 Ylioppilaaksi Kuopion klassillisesta lukiosta

* 1983 Oikeustieteen kandidaatiksi Lapin yliopistosta

* 1985 Suorittaa polkupyöräajokortin

* 1985-1987 Opiskelee kieltä ja juridiikkaa Kiinan kansanyliopistossa Pekingissä

* 1988 Opiskelee Sun Yat Senin yliopistossa Guangzhoussa

* 1987 Perustaa Fintrade-Mercer -yrityksen

* 1989 Suorittaa oikeustieteen lisensiaatin tutkinnon

* 1999 Naimisiin Kathy Renin kanssa

* 2001 Tytär syntyy Hawaijilla Honolulussa

* Harrastaa: pöytätennistä, nyrkkeilyä ja punttisalilla käyntiä

* Motto:”Mennään vaikka kuuhun, jos bisnes sen vaatii.”