Creative writing in English!

Uuno Koivula, Alvar Räty and an unidenfied tough crime reporter

Would you have thought that even writing a test composition in English can give you an opportunity to use your imagination?

These wonderful stories reveal the creative side of our talented students. Read on to discover three different news stories on the headline Cat burglar strikes again! and find out what happened, where, when, why and how.

Cat burglar strikes again!

by our top crime reporter Uuno Koivula:

Yesterday evening in the Globcotton district of Old Gampshire an unforeseen event took place. A student named Hilda Macintosh was getting ready for bed, when she heard her front window smash into pieces. Out of the window climbed what Hilda described as ”an abomination, half man, half cat”, who not only was armed with a baseball bat, but also was moving with uncanny agility. Without saying a word, the creature rushed to Hilda’s fridge and started hastily consuming all the milk there. Once it was finished, it gave Hilda a frightening glare and rushed back into the window, never to be seen again.

Although activity similar to what Hilda described has been observed within the Globcotton district, it still shook Hilda to her core. Since she had installed a security camera at her door, she thought she was invulnerable to intruders like these. ”I’ll have trouble sleeping at night until the case is solved”, she says.

A somewhat similar event happened at Globcotton a month ago. Then, the victim was a corporate entity, whereas yesterday it was an individual. The town hall’s entire milk storage was consumed, with the burglar leaving no trace.

Before yesterday’s incident the police thought the suspect was an activist whose goals were political, given the target of the crime. However, unless further evidence presents itself, the authorities now think the motive of the crime was nourishment. ”I believe it is of high importance to solve this case. If this continues, the well-known Gampshirian sense of security is at risk. I believe the people of Old Gampshire have an aversion for animal-based criminals. For example, just think of how seriously the mere presence of ’a raven murderer’ affected them”, claims the chief investigative officer of Old Gampshire.

Cat burglar strikes again!

by our experienced crime reporter Alvar Räty:

This morning we have received word from the police that the British Museum has been robbed! Several historical artifacts were reported missing, for example the globally famous Rosetta stone. This is a grand theft the likes of which hasn’t been seen in decades. Not only were the items heavily guarded, with every door under lock and key, but the thief also dared to leave a calling card to the crime scene. A toy black cat was found in the museum’s main hall.

“The criminal must have had intimate knowledge of the layout of the museum, since he was able to avoid the several guards and cameras in the building”, states the chief of police Robert Wilson. “No

doors or windows were broken, unless you count one of the emergency exits. It was sealed completely shut from the inside. I have reason to believe we might be dealing with a gang, whose members are involved in the illegal trafficking of historical items. Given their habit of leaving this calling card behind, once we catch whoever did this, we can tie them to several burglaries and break-ins across the country. However, we can’t know that for certain until the investigation proceeds.”

Indeed, several museums all over Britain have been struck by mysterious thefts in the last few months. Even though the stolen items vary, from pieces of art to gemstones, a small toy in the shape of a black cat has been found from all crime scenes. They appear to be custom made, with no real way of identifying the maker. “It is likely at least some of these burglaries have been committed by “copycats”, pardon the pun, inspired by the burglar. If that is the case, we might not see the end of this crime-spree in a good while. Whereas our suspect is clearly a career criminal with a goal, amateur burglars inspired by him are more likely to hurt themselves or others”, Wilson admits. Recent events truly seem like something out of a comic book! Read more as we bring you the latest news on the mystery of the Black Cat Burglar!

Cat burglar strikes again!

by our tough crime reporter, who for professional reasons wishes to remain unidenfied:

Once again, we have faced an outrageous problem. Not only one cat was stolen last night but also several others too. People in the city of Kuopio are truly horrified. Why would a burglar want to steal cats?

Many citizens have been interviewed. Larry, 30, recounts that he heard some noises in the middle of the night. Even though they sounded like footsteps climbing up the stairs, he thought nothing of it. Larry says he listened to the noices until he heard his cat meow in a way he had never heard before. He went downstairs but it was too late.

People whose cats have been stolen have gathered around the city hall. Every one of them wants to get their dear pet back home. Citizens have discussed their missing pets and one combining fact is that they all are older cats. For example, three 28-year-old cats have been stolen, whereas the youngest cat stolen is 19 years old.

Cats have been brutally taken from their owners. Citizens are willing to take action to find the burglar unless the police will do it. Since we don’t know who the burglar is or what he’s going to do next, we wonder if we’ll face another strike. We ask all our citizens to keep their eyes open and inform the police if something strange appears. People will stop worrying once their pets have been found.

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