Sergio in Finland


It was re­al­ly nice to be in Fin­land be­cau­se i can meet a new cul­tu­re which i li­ked. I did many things here , for examp­le i watc­hed an ice hoc­key game bet­ween Kal­pa and Luk­ko, it was re­al­ly nice.

I met new pe­op­le on the high school who are so nice for me. We could talk about our cul­tu­res and know more about it. i did many ac­ti­vi­ties on P.E les­sons for examp­le play floor­ball that it was re­al­ly nice to le­arn about this sport and i play­ed also pe­sa­pal­lo which was re­al­ly good be­cau­se it´s like ba­se­ball but a litt­le bit dif­fe­rent. I have to just say thank you for this ex­pe­rien­ce be­cau­se it was awe­so­me to be here. I hope that in the next year i can come to Fin­land again be­cau­se i love it ! I like to help Son­ja on spa­nish. I went to some Eng­lish les­sons which i could talk with many pe­op­le about eve­ryt­hing. Thank you again and see you soon!



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