My experience in Finland

Javier Flores Sánchez

Hello I am Javi and to­day I am go­ing to talk about my ex­pe­ri­ence in Fin­land.  Dur­ing this time I have done many in­ter­est­ing things.  In the PE lessons we had done many dif­fer­ent sports like Pesa-Pallo, Amer­i­can foot­ball or floor­ball.  I have to say that the finnish peo­ple play very well floor­ball, is re­ally com­pli­cated for us to play with them. In PE we also went to the beach where we played vol­ley­ball, we also prac­tice climb­ing and shoot­ing. I have to say that the class of PE was very en­ter­tain­ing and we en­joyed too much in this class.

Out of school I have done other ac­tiv­i­ties that I am go­ing to tell now. One day I went with my span­ish class­mates to prac­tice ca­noe­ing, and it was very fun and so hard. Other day in the Kuo­pio Holli there was dif­fer­ent sports that you can try to do it, this sports was so dif­fer­ent and not too much pop­u­lar nowa­days. I have tried to do skat­ing, it was a very funny ex­pe­ri­ence  and a very hard sport, be­cause I fell many times. This day I also did other sports like shoot­ing, ten­nis, pesa-pallo, rugby and other dif­fer­ents sports, that are not very com­mon.

Nor­mally the ac­tiv­ity that we prac­tice the most is foot­ball, be­cause a few times in a week we train with the  lo­cal foot­ball that is called Kups. We spent a very good time play­ing foot­ball, be­cause is the sport that we like the most. The level of foot­ball is good, but for ex­am­ple if you com­pare with our coun­try is worse than ours, but it is great to prac­tice foot­ball in a coun­try that this sport it is not the main prin­ci­pal sport. This also is im­por­tant to im­prove your­self and try to be bet­ter when you come back to Spain, in my case to im­prove like a goal­keeper.

Other day I prac­tice other sport that it is ski, I have tried this sport for the first time in my life and it was awe­some and very hard. My fam­ily try to teach me how I have to do ski and how can I do prop­erly. It was so funny be­cause I fell many times and af­ter each fall I laughed too much. It was an in­creíble ex­pe­ri­ence that I think that I am not go­ing to for­get again in my life. I rec­om­mend to all the peo­ple to try this ac­tiv­ity be­cause it is re­ally funny and re­ally awe­some.

Dur­ing this time I have en­joyed too much the time that I have spent in Fin­land, so I hope to come back some day and do this things again.  Moi!

Javier Flo­res Sánchez

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